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      This strain gets its name from its super heavy buds and delicious berry flavor.

    It has an astronomical quantity of THC but still tastes like a fruit bowl bursting with tasty flavors.

         Again, the buds are round popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with dark olive undertones.

                                             The Hulkberry high is pretty powerful. 

Although, with profound effects that can quickly knock you out thanks to a super potent 27% average THC level.

                   Hulkberry Strain Info – Hulkberry Strain Online.

 As your mind lifts into pure euphoria, your body will stay settled in a light state of calm that won’t affect your energy level in the slightest.

Also, combined with its high potency level, these effects give Hulkberry an edge in treating chronic fatigue and migraines.

A healthy relaxation will take hold, leaving your arms and legs feeling almost like play dough, incapable of any sophisticated movement.

The Hulkberry is an excellent example of a strain bred for sheer potency that still manages to be extremely tasty and pleasant at the same time.

                            What is Hulkberry Strain?

Furthermore, by breeding together the favorite crowd strain OG Kush with another potent, sour strain Strawberry Diesel.

The theme comes from the endlessly prolific cannabis breeders, Royal Queen Seeds.

It is incredibly dank and insanely THC-rich. Buy Hulkberry Strain Online.

Moreover, the bud has the same fundamental breeding history as a similar strain, Bruce Banner.

Smelling this strain is a bit like smelling a vibrant fruit bowl on the side of a highway.

Sweetness, fruit, and citrus dominate, but with that ever-present aroma of petroleum undercutting everything.

        Hulkberry Strain Shop Near Me. Cheap Hulkberry Strain. Hulkberry Strain Appearance.

Besides, its appearance is strangely a lot like its aroma and flavor profile, rich and bursting with different qualities.

Further, the plant leaves are intricate, deep purple, and magenta, which contrasts beautifully with the vibrant greenness of the buds.

The buds aren’t just green, though – there is also a webbing of dark red hairs that are almost brown and orange across the bud.

Of course, if you don’t grow it yourself, you will only ever get to see the crushed-up bud, missing out on half of the beauty of this strain.

When you get a total THC strain, it is only natural that people will primarily use it to try and treat various conditions.



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