Zkittlez Glue Strain





Genetics: 80% Indica
Height 80/100cm.
Indoor Yield 350g/m.
THC 23% CBD 2%
Outdoor yield 450g per plant.
Genetics: Skittles/Gorilla Glue4
Indoor 53/60 days
Outdoor Harvest Month: October in Green House

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Zkittlez Glue Strain is a high-powered, highyielding indica dominant Zkittlez Glue Strain that will help with someone suffering from high-stress levels and depression.

Again, this strain is potent and not for the faint-hearted. The smell is so intense and it can take four days to get dry.

When put into the jar, it read 70% humidity after 24 hours. This is how I like to slow cure my buds. At this point, I will burp daily.

       Mostly to get a nice whiff of it. Once I get it down to 68%, I’ll probably burp once a week if I can keep myself from trying to smell it.

       Then once I get them down to about 65%, I’ll try to burp them once every 2 weeks. Once they are down to 62%, I will stop burping completely and get them ready for storage! 

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The buds themselves have a pungent, spicy, almost woody smell to them. When you get down to smoking it, you will really understand the name.

Hailing from two fruity strains, you get the best of both worlds.

More so, I personally would recommend this to help with appetite. I got the classic munchies. Otherwise, it is said to help with stress and depression.

However, ZkittleZ Glue gives a soaring, uplifting, and happy high that will put a smile on your face. Buy Zkittlez Glue Strain Online.

ZkittleZ Glue blends sweet tropical fruity notes from the Zkittlez with earthy tones from the Gorilla Glue #4 for an intense and very delicious smoke.

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Zkittlez Glue Strain<

Additionally, the original Zkittlez is an award-winning cannabis legend with a reputation for a mad punch of fruitiness—like a mouthful of candy.

Flowering in only 60-65 Days, you can expect a very high yield of 500-700 gr/m² of quality medicine.

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Weight N/A
Zkittlez Glue Strain

250, 575, 1075, 2100


Oz, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, Pound


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