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This is my review of the Haze Square vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates.  for all the details and some demo draws. Its most unique feature is its four chambers and the ability to switch between them on-the-fly. It may seem like a gimmicky thing to have four ovens but it’s not, the performance is there to back it up and it’s actually very convenient.You can pre-load all of the chambers and be good to go for your next 4 sessions, and you can mix it up between herb and concentrates if you want to. Haze Square Pro, haze v3, haze technologies, ghost mv1, haze vaporizer

Nice Improvements From V3

Putting the physical differences aside for a second, the first thing I noticed when I vaped the Square was the great vapor quality.This is a full convection vaporizer and the new coil heating element performs like a champ, it really is a nice level up from the convection mode of the V3 model. The other glaring difference with the new model is the existence of four chambers instead of two like the older models. The chambers are also larger now to hold more herb and/or a larger concentrate pad. Haze Square Pro, haze v3, haze technologies, ghost mv1, haze vaporizer

Speaking of, you can vape both materials in the Square just like you can in the V3. With dry herb you load it right inside the stainless steel chambers, and with wax you put a tiny bit of it on the top of the concentrate pad they include and then you place that inside the chamber. They also give you little silicone caps for the chambers if you prefer to use them.

The Convenience of Four Chambers

You can do this on-the-fly when you’re vaping as well as when the unit is off.

Smooth, Potent, Tasty Vapor

Another thing I’m happy about is the smoothness or comfort level of the vapor it produces. With some units the vapor can feel a little hot or harsh, especially hot-air convection vapes, but the Square does a good job of keeping it comfortable and smooth. I’m happy with the strength or potency of the vapor too, you will generally start to feel it within just a few draws, another characteristic of a good quality convection vape.

Good Battery Life & Fast Charging

This is enough to vape all four chambers if you load them all, I’m actually averaging 5 chambers per charge. Even if you’re not interested in the quad chambers I still think this vape is worth it based on the performance alone.

It’s not expensive, it’s easy to use, performs well, and it has a lot of cool features. I’m impressed with what they were able to do at this price point.


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