Skunk OG Sun Rock – Superior


  • Superior Sun Rock
  • Made from Skunk OG bud TRIPLE THC distillate coated and rolled in XXX Kief
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Superior Extract Sun Rocks

Superior potency, strong hitting Sun Rocks. Experience the heat with our Sun Rocks!  Sun Rocks are even higher in THC than our Moon Rocks. Skunk OG Sun Rock, og skunk #1, skunk fuel strain aurum farms, skunk strain terpenes, skunky skunk strain

Skunk OG Sun Rock, og skunk #1, skunk fuel strain aurum farms, skunk strain terpenes, skunky skunk strain,


Formulated with high grade Skunk OG bud, then TRIPLE coated in THC distillate, and rolled in XXX Kief. Consumers beware – These fiery buds are seriously potent! Sun Rocks will send you to the moon and back again and again!

Sun Rocks hold an abundance of medicinal benefits that can be used to treat symptoms such as insomnia, appetite loss, cramps, stress, depression, epileptic seizures, muscle spasms, and other physical pain related illnesses.

Our Sun Rocks are best enjoyed through a bong or a pipe – pack some freshly ground herb in the base, tear apart the Sun Rock with your fingers or scissors (never grind), and then add another layer of flower to produce a more evenly burning bowl.

What Are Sun Rocks?

Sun rocks are pretty new to the marijuana industry, slowly popping up over the last couple of years, although you may have heard of their predecessor, moon rocks. Simply put, sun rocks are basically new and improved moon rocks, with purer, strain-specific ingredients. To break it down, they are high-quality buds that have been soaked in BHO extract before being rolled in kief. The combination of quality bud and concentrated marijuana products makes for weed that packs a punch! Depending on your source and the ingredients used, sun rocks can vary in potency from 50% to 80% THC.

Do Sun Rocks Hit Differently?

It’s clear that sun rocks are super potent, but what are the effects like? What sets them apart from good old-fashioned bud? Well, you can’t really compare them to either regular buds or concentrates alone; when smoking moon or sun rocks, you can expect a strong, long-lasting stone. The taste of the smoke is much more pleasant than hitting straight BHO oil, and sun rocks also burn long and slow, making them great for smoking out of a pipe or bong. You’re only going to need to take a few puffs before you get where you want to be, which makes sense considering how much THC is involved!

How To Make Sun Rocks

Okay, okay, that’s enough background info, right? Let’s get down to the arts and crafts! With this step-by-step tutorial, you can make yourself some sun rocks too! Pick out your ideal sun rocks strain and let us guide you through the steps. It’s pretty straightforward, so you’ll be a pro in no time.

Ingredients For Sun Rocks

There’s really only a few things you need to get started, but they’re extremely important. You want strain-specific, quality buds. OG Kush is usually what’s used to make sun rocks, but no one said you can’t switch up the star of the show!

  1. OG Kush buds
  2. Extra-filtered BHO extract, OG Kush
  3. OG Kush kief

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