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About this Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, Sour Diesel is a sativa strain exuding a citrusy, sour pungent odor with a zesty, earthy taste. Its leaves are a deep green, with calyxes covered in white trichomes and thin hairs when ready to harvest.Sour Diesel,Green Crack,Amnesia Haze, White Widow, Bruce BannerIt’s THC levels have been known to be as high as 25%, but its average is around 17%. This potent strain is ideal for avid cannabis consumers, not first-timers.


  • On November 2, 2018

 One that is rapidly increasing in popularity is Grapefruit Sour Diesel. This quick guide will help you decide if it might be right for you.

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What Is It?

Grapefruit S-D is a hybrid, Indica-dominant cannabis strain.  It has a THC level ranging from 20 percent to 25 percent and creates strong effects.

Medical Effects of Grapefruit S-D

Medically, Grapefruit Sour Diesel is known to help people who suffer from fatigue, inflammation, and pain. This is because of the higher potency of an Indica strain in the hybrid. The strain is popular among people who suffer from chronic muscle spasms or joint pain. It is also helpful for people who suffer from clinical depression or anxiety.

Fragrance and Flavors

In addition to the euphoric effects, many people love Grapefruit l because of its appealing fragrance and flavors. The strain’s scent is a unique blend of the sweet  from the Grapefruit parent and the fuel scent common in NYC Diesel. Regarding flavor, Grapefruit Sour Diesel avoids tasting like the fuel its fragrance is known for. Instead, the flavor is the same sweet and sour citrus you’d expect if you were eating an actual grapefruit.

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 It emanates an extremely strong odor of skunk, gasoline, and lemon. So it may not be one of the most tastiest (unless you love those dank strains, of course), but it really does pack a punch in terms of effects. Sour Diesel has the incredible ability to energize and uplift, making it a perfect choice for those suffering from mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder.

The Sour Diesel strain works even better as a morning motivation than that first cup of coffee, so it’s no wonder why many are making the switch from hard-core caffeine to this delectable Mary Jane.

Best of all, it is extremely medicinal, being especially beneficial for those dealing with mental disorders; you can literally feel your mood becoming revitalized almost immediately after consuming this marijuana strain.


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