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>Bruce Banner #3 by Delta 9 Labs<


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This heavy-hitting strain will have you feeling like you’ve been “Hulk Smashed!”.

Is Name after the incredible green, mean, fighting machine Avenger,

the Bruce Banner #3 produced by Delta 9 Labs was made by crossing OG Kush Strawberry.

It ought not to be confused with the other Bruce Banner phenotypes, and is regarded as the most coveted and sought after of all of them.

>Effects of Bruce Banner<


Furthermore, Bruce Banner #3’s high can be felt relatively quickly upon consumption.

Such a wave of happiness and euphoria will bring about lots of laughter and increase sociability.

I can say is a great strain for group settings, sharing with friends, and alleviating symptoms of social anxiety.

The same uplifting and energetic effects will also aid those struggling with depression, stress, PTSD, and fatigue.

Bruce Banner #3 also offers a soothing and buzzing body relaxation that can make you feel light–as if you’re floating–as the high settles in.

>THC Content Bruce Banner<


Bruce Banner #3 is a Sativa-dominant strain with an 80%:20% Sativa/Indica ratio.

Originally, phenotypes included Bruce Banner Seeds.

but these days, only #1, #3 and #5 remain with #3 being the most popular.

The original Bruce Banner was less of a Sativa dominant with a 60%:40% ratio to Indica.

Although still has fairly impressive properties with THC at 24% – 29%, 1% CBD, and 1% CBN.

>Appearance & Aroma<


The leaves of Bruce Banner #3 are often speckled with hints of magenta.

Though the large buds of this strain are a beautiful bright green just like the hero himself.

The aromas of Bruce Banner #3 may be strongly pungent and diesel-like.

However, but notable tones of a fruity sweetness of strawberries are a distinct highlight of this strain.

A trait is taken from its Strawberry Diesel parent.

Upon smoking, users will taste the sweet strawberries as well as a hint of citrus to balance out the diesel flavors.

>What We Say About Bruce Banner<

Newbies should steer clear of the Bruce Banner, because of the extremely potent high dosage of THC as they may not be able to handle it.

However, it’s perfect for daytime use, and it is an effective muscle relaxant and pain killer.

The effects come on strong and tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz that lasts for a long period.

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