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>AK-49 Sativa Weed Strain From Topbudsmall Dispensary<

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Taking a page from the well-known AK-49 strain, this bud by Vision Seeds brings users a nicely balanced set of effects.

Both newer users, as well as experienced smokers, will find something to love with AK-49, as delicious flavors impart a sense of energy to one’s life.

Great for medical and recreational purposes, it’s a shame that this strain is somewhat rare.

By most accounts, AK-49 falls right into the 20% THC range, making it strong enough for those who have been around the block yet gentle enough for first-timers.

Buds tend to be pretty compact with a ton of pistils and crystals, and her aromas and flavors are ones you’ll crave.

Although it may sound off-putting at first, skunk and sandalwood combine for an experience that’s slightly sweet and very pungent.

Above all else, the goal of your AK-49 high should be to smooth out any rough edges and enter into a place of complete euphoria.


Although this strain is slightly more Sativa dominant, you’ll notice a sense of relaxation that’s pleasing but not heavy.

Creative and energetic vibes will flow through you for hours, giving you the means to get some work done or maybe even deep clean your kitchen.

Your high won’t make you feel racy in any way, but rather as if you’ve just woken up from the best night of sleep you’ve ever had.

Given that this bud imparts such a strong sense of positivity, medical patients love AK-49 for mental concerns including stress and depression.

Fatigue is also solved with ease, making this a great choice on a Friday after you’ve had an exceptionally long week.

Bodily ailments like cramps or headaches can also be soothed, although more serious issues may benefit from a strain with more THC or CBD.


The lineage of this magical strain is somewhat unclear, and while some sources point to a blend of Mexican, Thai, Afghani, and Colombian strains, no one is fully certain.

That makes growing this plant on your own rather tricky, but thankfully we do have some knowledge to share.

Feminized seeds are available straight from the breeder, and this strain requires between 10 and 12 weeks to fully mature.

As far as prime growing conditions are concerned, you may just have to experiment a bit to find what works the best.

AK-49 may sound like a violent strain but in fact, she’s just the opposite. Buy AK-49 Strain Online, AK-49 Weed For Sale, AK-49 Kush for sale, Buy AK-49 Feminized Seeds, AK-49 Cannabis Strain.

When you need a helping hand, a friendly companion, or just a way to escape from it all for a few hours, this strain will do you right.

It’s easy to overindulge with this specific bud, so make sure you are well aware of your tolerance levels before going for it.

Try this strain when you need a pick-me-up or during the weekend to enhance your already epic adventures.

Buy AK-49 Strain Online, AK-49 Weed For Sale, AK-49 Kush for sale, Buy AK-49 Feminized Seeds, AK-49 Cannabis Strain



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