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Cherry Pie sometimes known as Cherry Kush, is a popular and potent indica-leaning hybrid.

This strain is a cross between flavor-packed indica Granddaddy Purple and strong Sativa Durban Poison,

and it offers smokers some of the best characteristics of both parent strains.

Cherry Pie’s balanced and mind-expanding high is enjoyable in a wide variety of settings.

This versatility, along with the strain’s tart and fruity taste, has made it a staple in dispensaries nationwide.

Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa                                             THC: 16% – 24%CBD: 1%

  Furthermore, Cherry Pie’s flowers are small to medium in size and have a bud structure characteristic of other predominantly indica strains.

The tightly-curled leaves are densely packed together and threaded through with vibrant orange pistils.

Leaves appear mostly mossy green, although some phenotypes show off flashes of purple;

this latter color is due to high concentrations of pigments in the plant’s genes that highlight colors other than green

when they’re stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process.

The colorful buds are coated in translucent white trichomes, giving the small nugs a silver sheen and a very resinous texture.

Although Cherry Pie strain may cause dry eyes and mouth upon use by the patient,

it definitely helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing body and mind, uplifting moods, and focusing the conscience.

For patients who are looking for something that would ease muscle stiffness and related ailments, this strain is good for that.

It’s dense buds with orange hair everywhere and displays a small tint of purple.

Conclusively, this is the best kind of medically favorable marijuana strain that patients prefer above all others;

it diminishes the above-mentioned syndromes in the most relaxing order and even though sedation may cause irritation, its value is still undeniable.

Growing Cherry Pie Photoperiod Female Cannabis

The structure of this plant is very appealing as it takes on a more indica shape and appearance.

This means it is bushy, and small to medium in size.

Give this strain lots of space to spread out as this plant fills out.

You will notice dense and vibrant green plant leaves that grow nice and thick.

Although this plant is reasonably straightforward to grow.

It is important to trim back this plant’s dense foliage, in order for your plant to gain the nutrients where it needs it most.

It is wonderful for growing indoors or out, and even the use of a greenhouse could prove to be extraordinary for Cherry Pie.

If you choose to grow outside, make sure you are planting in a warm and dry climate.

Because this strain thrives in a Mediterranean-like environment.

Alternatively, Cherry Pie can grow especially well in northern regions during a lovely warm summer.

Planting directly into the soil will prove to be beneficial as it will retain this strain’s pungent flavor.

Buy Cherry Pie Strain, Black Cherry Pie Strain, Platinum cherry pie strain, OG Cherry Pie Strain, Exotic Cherry Pie Strain


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