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>What is Super Skunk Strain? Where Can I Buy Super Skunk Buds?<

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Super Skunk is an Indica-dominant crossbreed of Skunk #1 and an original Afghani strain. The Sativa/Indica ratio is 35:65, making this a decidedly physical strain that can help relieve bodily pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, as well as everyday stress.

It’s also effective at treating depression and lack of appetite. THC levels vary widely, depending on the batch and the lab that analyzes it, but it can apparently be fairly high, above 19%. CBD levels are also hard to pin down, with estimates ranging from 0.26% to 2.4%, but neither reading is high enough to recommend this for seizure disorders firmly.

Super Skunk delivers a euphoric body buzz that improves mood, sparks creativity, and encourages a carefree attitude. Paranoia is possible, but dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are more common.

Super Skunk has a strong, pungent skunk aroma and an earthy, skunky flavor like its parent strain. The buds are a lighter green color with a light hazing of trichomes. This strain sells on the legal markets in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and Connecticut. It also circulates on the black market, though it isn’t terribly common there.

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My experience 

Fresh, fruity, Skunky, it’s Quite yummy, Mummy! I recommend smoking at night as you will drift into a deep smooth ever-changing “zone.” My fiance and I smoked before bed, got so blazed we don’t remember going to sleep.

Again, It’s perfect for people with insomnia.

I love this strain so much. During my spring break for a week in CO2 cartridge form, I used it, and it made my trip extra amazing. Going through TSA on the way back home included zero anxiety, where usually my anxiety skyrockets because I had taken about 15 hits before leaving for the airport.

Also, The buds are a lighter green color with a light hazing of trichomes.

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Although Super Skunk’s potency can vary from plant to plant, THC levels from 16% to the lower 20s are common. CBD levels can vary too, but they’re usually below 1%.

Given her strong Indica-leaning genetics, Super Skunk is known to deliver a deep body stone that bathes the muscles in relaxation but leaves the head mostly clear.

True to her name, Super Skunk has kept her eternally desired skunky flavor notes, although she also emphasizes sweet and fruity flavors. Buy Super Skunk Strain Online

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