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Purple Trainwreck Strain is a balanced hybrid best suited for pain management or zoning out. The Sativa/Indica hybrid has multiple therapeutic targets including anxiety, depression, and pain. The strain is a cross of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck. The strain is Sativa-dominant for mind effects while Mendo Purps has the Indica profile and works on the body. Their offspring, Purple Trainwreck, carry a combination of their best traits. Buy purple trainwreck strain, trainwreck weed, purple trainwreck, purple train wreck strain. We are the leading market for all your Kush Mints purchases.

The Purple Trainwreck strain has a purple appearance and lemon/berry smell. Some people note a green and crystallized appearance with a spicy aroma. Lab tests show above average THC content of 17.4 percent and CBD of 1.5 percent. Purple Trainwreck is high in alpha-pinene terpene, which is one way to identify it from other strains. Terpenes, in general, are a reliable way to distinguish strains. Buy power purps strain



>About Runtz<


Medical users appreciate the Runtz OG strain, too. The body buzz helps stimulate
relaxation and offers an escape from the pain of daily life. Chronic stress and
anxiety also melt away, allowing sufferers to escape from their worries for a
while. After the strain has kept users high for hours, it winds down into a
sweet, dreamy sleep.Buy Purple Trainwreck seeds, Purple Trainwreck, Buy Purple Trainwreck seeds, Purple Trainwreck for sale, Buy cheap Cannabis online

The most common is an even 50/50 split between the two. The Runtz strain origin is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato (although some say these are the genetics of the Pink Runtz strain).


The effects of the Runtz strain happen almost immediately. Even as the candy aftertaste is wearing off, the intense, euphoric head high starts coming on. Within minutes of the first toke, most users report euphoric, giggling feelings of joy. It’s a creative high, but not quite enough that you’ll want to leave the house. This head high can last for hours, so have craft activities or movies prepared in advance. Buy Purple Trainwreck seeds, Purple Trainwreck, Buy Purple Trainwreck seeds, Purple Trainwreck for sale, Buy cheap Cannabis online

The body
high kicks in about fifteen minutes after the head high. It usually starts in
the back of the head and melts down the spine, before expanding to the limbs
and leaving fingers tingling. It’s an excellent strain for evening use. Once
the body high hits, you’ll likely find yourself sitting in one place, thinking
creative thoughts, or watching your favorite movies.


If you’ve opened up a container of candy Runtz and gotten a puff of sugar to the face, you have a solid understanding of the cannabis strain’s scent. It’s sweet, fruity, and mild, just like candy.


The flavor
is just like the smell, sweet, fruity, and a little creamy. The aftertaste is
particularly sugary. You might notice a hint of berry in particular with the
Pink Runtz strain.

>Adverse reactions<

The most
common side effects of Runtz use are dry eyes and mouth. However, because of
the intense THC level in this strain, users who dive in too quickly
occasionally report anxiety or paranoia from use. These symptoms coincide with
users underestimating Runtz. Pacing dosage and not taking too much of the
candy-flavored kush at once can help mitigate these side effects and keep
everything cool 



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